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We highly recommend Solid State Drives for all new PCs moving forward. 

CPUs Core 2 Duo and higher should be more than enough for speed mixed with a Solid State Drive. 

Linux is recommending for speed and security, Windows 10 with Blackbird security and privacy is also recommended. 

Old PCs should not have anything above Windows XP and a modern web browser.

2-4GB of RAM mixed with a Solid State drive is recommended. No amount of RAM will make up for a Hard Drive bottleneck

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December 1st 2020 - Website under Redesign, Reimagination. 

October 14th 2012 - 
Changed the name of company to better reflect our views as a family oriented company

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June 26th 2011 - Site finished

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November 28th 2010- Computer Models Changed. Home page news changed.


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October 10th 2010
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April 29th 2010 - Launching store

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April 19th 2010 - The decision was made to make this site public via Facebook May 1st 2010 when the product store opens. Twitter re-launch will happen in 5 days.

April 15th 2010 - *Site is out of construction, Feel free to explorer. Please take into account that it is not completely finished join our Forums! Ask questions we're here to help!

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